End of the month

well it is the end of the month, it is hard to say that it has only been a couple of weeks! But now to brighter subjects! since jackie has posted so much on this blog i thought i would join in and put in my two cents! by now u all know we are getting married we still don't have a date but i am sure we will come up with one soon! this week was supposed to be my weekend of of snowboarding but now i found my self in my room for the weekend due to some stupid ice that got in my way of dashing out the door! all is well though, don't worry to much i will be back on my feet in no time! so in stead of snowboarding me and my good buddy josh are taking scuba lessons starting monday, i have never been but always have wanted to go! we are just getting certified so we will be in a pool, i would love to do some scuba in the ocean but only if all the sharks stay to one side of the ocean! since that is never going to happen looks like i am limited to the pool but it is still cool! maybe one day i will man up and face the sharks.....but unlikely! it has been a long long week, me and jackie don't talk a whole much due to time diffrence, work, my pills (they make me goofy) and i am tired alot so.....we don't talk a whole lot but we are still hanging in there. we are looking foward to planning this wedding and i can not wait to get started! well i am not very good at these things, jackie is a lot better than me but i figured i should write one or two! take care!


  1. Wow, I think that's the most I've ever seen you write!

  2. JACKIE! this is Alex Heder, dude i cant believe you found my blog :P thats insanely cool! I can't believe you're getting married! CONGRATULATIONS! Have a fantabulous life together!