Some one must have accidently pushed the slow motion button

Here I am again. Jan kept asking why I have not updated the blog. I reminded him that it was his turn since I did three in a row, he had to do three in a row, so he still had two more to go before I had to write anything. But I am a sucker for him so of coarse I gave in. (Hopefully it encourages him to write more). So here I go....

This time apart has been killing us. And it hasn't even been two weeks yet! And I still have about 54 days until I get to see him again :( Our story is a little bit different then everyone elses. Some people call it crazy, but I call it love. We meet each other a year and a half ago and out of all of that time we have only gotten the opportunity to see each other for a total of two months. So you should understand that time to us is very precious, and when we are together it means the world to us. I cant wait to spend a few days with him in Europe. But i am even more excited to get married to him so I can say good night and good morning everyday, instead of hoping for a phone call each day. .... we got so lucky to spend a whole month together I wanted to share some pictures and write a little about some of the good times that we had when he was here.....

This is the only picture we took of picking him up from the airport. Sad i know. Its not even of Jan.. but we get so excited to pick him up! But we felt a little bad because we were all standing in a circle talking when he arrived and luckily Hali sorta said something. It wasn't the most graceful pick up ever. Sorry Jan.

These looks are a usual for the boys. Tim with his creepy looks and Jan loosing control of his tongue.. We went to the pie in Salt lake with Jan's family, lol which was a good time, (thank you Hali) even though there was mention of the pink pussies and a wonderful chorus of "I'm too sexy for my shirt"... but once was not enough so we went back with Ang and Tim to have the amazing pizza!

Jan's birthday dinner! His family knows how to cook!

Miniature golf. "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye". We started out with a serious/fun game of golf. But some holes got quite frustrating. Lets just say getting some of our balls in their stupid golfing contraptions got a little violent sometimes. It wasn't as it easy as it looked. Some of us got a little too frustrated.

To the asians, building a snowman/women is no joke. (unless you pull out the questionable looking carrort) but it had to be 4 balls high and we even needed a ladder and many adults. It also couldn't be complete without asian slants and guns.

This is one of my favorite pictures. Aunt Janet is giving me and Jan a little push. haha.

Jan, Hali, and Hannah decided to create hoodlumism on neighbors snow. Lets just say they aren't as good as they once were.

Luckily when I took Jan on my surprise date to the Roof restaurant I had a sweet hookup so we got an amazing seat! It was really fun, and I even got Jan to eat a stuff mushroom that was to die for! (I guess some would say he is a sucker for me too).

Tree hunting with Jan's family made me realize how well I fit in with them. They are as indecisive as I am. Not one of Jan's favorite qualities about me.

Me kicking Jan's butt at one of my favoirte rides in Disney land. My game face is on.

Me and Jan being men. I decided that was the first and the last time i would have one of those.

We got lucky with the extra time so we decided it would be fun to take my nephew Payton sledding. The car ride turned out to be 10 times longer then the sledding trip. It was his first time going and he was a natural! Payt was kicking our butts!

In the end just being together was the best time! Sometimes doing nothing was more then enough... Jan is still in Germany. He is still trying to get used to things there. I am still here in Utah. I am still trying to be okay with him being gone. I wish we could say we are fantastic, but I guess we have to climb over the hill to get there first.......... As for the wedding, not much progress has been made. lol. A lot of ideas have been put out on the table though. But we are just working on the main things. Date, dress, place... Wish us luck.. We will need it............. ( PS. Jan its your turn. How do you feel about a girl beating you. You should try to catch up and write the next few).


  1. Hey Jackie - this is Sam (Jan's cousin Steve's wife!) I feel ya with the 'being away' thing - I waited for Steve while he was on his mission - 2 years! It's the WORST, being away from the guy you love! But it will end! :) And marriage is absolutely wonderful!! Good luck with all the wedding plans!!!

  2. HEY Jackie!! I'm glad to see you have a blog too!! Its fun to see pictures and read about what people are doing!!! :) I'm so excited for you to get married!!!

  3. Hahaha. Oh man. Come play games with us. I used to think we were boring people, but after reading your blog, I have now realized, that the Asians are awesome. Cheers.

  4. Um... you have a blog??? And I'm just barely finding this out!! Cute pictures, you two are so cute together!