Good Ole Germany

Well i am back, this is my first post, i figured i would give it a shot! Jackie has already told you our story! Germany is great......kind of. i will be home in a few months and in that time Jackie and my self hope to have a date picked out for you all, everyone always says that is the hardest part.....not ours, the hardest part about our wedding is, Jackies dress! if you all know Jackie, you should know what that means! To our dedicated stalkers hope to hear from soon feel free to write i have a facebook! DOWN WITH MYSPACE!

Jedi Jan


  1. It is not often that the man of the relationship does any kind of posting to their blogs. Well done. I am glad you are contributing. Come see in me amongst the Brits soon.

  2. ps. hannah, if you did not know, i am the man in the relationship.


  3. You two for sure get the cute couple award!! I can't wait to hear the date of the big day! You two make me sick! (because you are too cute together) :)