Do we have to take her home?

Tuesday we got a little gift from heaven! My sister-in-law Kristyn was started Tuesday so she could have her second little girl, Brooklyn Sage Steele. So I woke up early to go take care of their other little girl, Kali Jade. Me and Kal are buddies. Its been hard because they used to live in our basement apartment and she would wake me up in the mornings by knocking on the door yelling "walkie!" till I came and got her. Even though its been only a few days, its sad how quiet its gotten here since they moved... But she was very good to me all day, she didn't even use her high pitched scream. Better yet, she even was wispering some of the day, oddly enough.

Brookie was born around noon and she only weighed 5 lbs 15 oz and 20.5 inches! My brother Ryan sent me a picture telling me she was born so i had to show Kali, haha I did not expect her reaction. I had been trying to warm her up to the idea of a baby sister all day because little did she know, that her whole world was going to come crashing down... I wish I could explain her reaction, but you just had to be there. (If you know Kali, she has her looks down, even for her young age of 2). She looked at the picture with a mixture of emotion: disgust, frightened, confused.. and she mumbled/sighed/grunted/wined.

We went to the hospital and she was scared of the whole situation. It took her a while even to go see her Dad. She did a quick hello to her mom and then we left. I tried to warm her up to the idea again before we went back, and she took a little nap. She got a little more excited but then as we got there again she was overwhelmed. She did not want to leave my side. They let me hold her and I finally got Kali to come see her too and sort of hold her. But everyone was so excited she got shy again... but then Daddy came to the resuce and she started thinking "maybe this wont be too bad..."


  1. ooooooh Kali....shes so going to be in for a shocker...

  2. I can't believe how old Kali is, I remember seeing her when she was a newborn! So cute!!