Our Beginning

Well since everyone else was doing it, we decided to finally get one of these time wasters so others can stock our lives. This is also a good time to start one since we just got engaged and this is a new stage in our lives, so it would be good time to write everything down while we have these crazy adventures together. So have fun stocking us!

Well for all of you that haven't really heard our love story I'll do a quick version to get you caught up... I helped set up my best friend Angela on a blind date with a guy named Tim (now they are married, thank you very much, but this is our love story not theirs). And when they were dating Tim's best friend, Jan, was in the Army and he was stationed in Germany. Jan was coming home for a two week leave before he was sent to Iraq. Because our best friends were dating we got kind of dragged along to hang out with them. But it was good because me and Jan got along good. At the end of his leave we kinda had a thing for each other. We kept in contact and things just got better and better. We both have awesome personalities so of coarse we fell in love. He had a short leave in February, which was crazy to see each other again, but so good. We fell even more in love and then it was so hard to have to say good bye again, this time for nine months. While he was gone fighting bad guys, I tried to keep myself busy and I headed off to Europe for a study aboard art history and I never wanted to leave... Finally the worst was over and the world was no longer between us! He came home December 6th and we have been having so much fun since.

Christmas night we headed for Cali with our best friends, Ang and Tim. The first night there Jan asked me if I wanted to go walk on the beach and watch the gorgeous sunset. We had always talked about walking along the beach together so I thought it sounded like a super idea, but he was extremely excited about it and he was really jittery. I didn't think much about it and went along with it. We walked down to the water where he stopped me. I was really cold, and when I get cold I put my hands in his pocket to warm them up. He usually lets me but this time when I slid my hands in he yelled "NO!" and pushed my hands away. I thought jerk, lol, but then I was like ohhh now I am catching on. Then there was no turning back for him and thats where he started telling me stuff and pulled out the perfect ring and asked if i would marry him. I guess I said yes because after awhile he asked me if I would actually want to try on the ring. I got caught up in the moment and totally forgot about the ring, but i jumped at the chance of putting it on. It was a perfect fit:)
We got back home from the much needed trip and it was time for Jan to go back, which is always the worst of times. But i took him to the airport the first time and his flight was messed up, so i got to spend four more days with him. I was so excited. Then I took him back this morning and they would not let him on the plane. So good news, I get him four more days!...

And that is the beginning of our long love story. We have a lot more to come, so feel free to come and stock! over and out.


  1. I'm all game for stalking:) I like how we are each other's only people...its great

  2. Yay for your engagement and your blog! I will definately be a stalker...er...follower of your blog. I want to hear all about the wedding plans. Seriously...ALL about them. Love ya!