Hello once again from germany!

hey there everybody it is me Jan! As you all know we got a dog.....well at least looks like a dog lol. He is a joy and we both love him to death, his name is wolfgang, he is a great dog but we are both ready to be over the puppy phase. Me and Jackie are doin great we are getting married hopefully in September but we have to make sure the army is ok with that, the army is pretty picky about letting people have time off! But if all goes well Me and jackie will be moving to fort stuart GA. we are both excited and can't wait to finally be together. The things that we both would love to do there is, go to new york to see statue of liberty and ground zero and have some of that good ole new york style pizza everyone seems to love! another thing we would love to do is go to a nascar race and dress up like hard core hicks to fit in lol we will take plenty of pics for all of you stalkers! we want to go to disney world cause disney land isn't all that much fun anymore, maybe if you are 8-12 then ya it would be fun but we both love the extreme rides! another thing i just thought of was we could go to mount rushmoore that would be cool right???? well i think it would be cool, jackies parents and maybe some of our siblings and tim and ang want to come out and visit by the time they come out we will have all the great spots to go out to! well that pretty much sums up whats in my head so with that i will see and hear from all of you soon! oh ya we also got our ingagment pics done one of our great friends did them for us, her name is kacy, it is my cousin nicks wife, she did a great job and we love the pics we will post them soon! if you want to know more about it she has a bussiness it is called The Frame they do great work thanks again kacy. well i miss all of you hope to hear from you soon!

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