Life doesn't always turn out the way you want it to.. But don't forget the good things that have happened.

Ok soooo I haven't written in sometime. A lot of things have happened in the last couple of months. And I wrote the following blog before the engagement was broken off and I didn't think I should post it. But things are looking up and I wanted to share a little about my time in England because I had soooo much fun with Hannah... Life is definitely full of surprises. So I can't wait to see what we can post about next! but for now here is the post from forever ago....

Howdy. I found out my problem. When things happen I don't write. So when I have time to write I have so much to say. That is why they are so long. I learned my lesson in procrastination. Too bad I will never apply the lessons I have learned.

Well I thought it was about time to write a "short" post about my lovely time in England since it has been a couple weeks since I have been back. I will try to make it as short and sweet as possible, because I got a little carried away on my last posts. But when you go to Europe... stuff happens. And there is nothing you can do about it, but share the awkward, funny, embarrassing, weird moments you had. So instead of letting you in on everything I decided to write 25 of my top memories while I was there.

1. Eating in a cafeteria (that looks similar to Hogwarts dining hall) under false ID. The food wasn't always as bad as it looked. And who hates free food with interesting stories... (not interesting stories about the food lol but eating while listening to peoples stories)

2. Waking up in Hannah's bed one morning and realizing she was on the floor and I was the nuisance on her bed. That was not supposed to happen. I promise. (sorry Hannah)

3. Celebrated the Irish day by eating two whole pizza's with pepperoni that tasted like dog while watching a movie about being skinny.

4. Holding up the bus line trying to give the bus driver Latin money. Surprise! They only take pounds and pents. I still have no idea where I got a Latin coin.

5. Me and Hannah stalking an old English woman and trying to take a picture because we thought she was a cute old lady. As we passed she said "You're looking lovely today ladies" in her cute British accent.

6. Being introduced to City Centre. I had many great experiences there... Hannah and Taylor had to take separate turns waiting for me while I stared at boots in the shoe store... Three words: Poka dot muffin.... Primark = craziness. I still am sad that I didn't get the muffin and kitty one's Taylor!

7. Walking through the gardens Hannah lives in. Birds were always chirping like in the movies.

8. Walking home from the grocery story like a very sketchy person with no bags and pushing a shoping cart that is impossible to steer on a crowded street.. as Hannah just laughed and took pictures.

9. Having 80+ pounds of luggage take me down stairs... as Hannah just laughed and took pictures.

10. Trying to explaining to the grocery clerk why I was buying that ridiculous mound of candy so I didn't feel so embarrassed.

11. And my favorite...... Chatsworth! Simply amazing and so much fun. It felt like I was back on my study abroad again.

12. All we had to go through to get to and from Chatsworth. Ran a couple of miles after diner, barely making our train, train window broke, missed a bus, stupid bus drivers, so on and so forth.

13. Found FISH AND CHIPS and ate it! The girls on my study abroad would be proud. We couldn't find it when we were here. It was delightful.

14. Hannah, Taylor, and I 's adventure to London with six large heavy suit cases. Be sorry you missed that... We spent the night in London looking at sights. I loved it.... And crapaffair. YUmmY.

15. Our many trips to Asda's (aka Aslan for those who have the Lion on their mind). If you are not a avid fan of dessert/candy, then you would not understand and appreciate the aisles in Europe. It blows your mind why american's are over weight and they are not.

16. The underwear bag. And listening to people's reaction to the underwear bag.

17. Good late night talks with Han.

18. Listening to Hannah's roommate talk to her boyfriend. Some people are questionable.

19. Seeing my favorite tattoo. It's okay if you didn't know he was hardcore, because he got it tattooed on his neck just in case you didn't know.

20. Our grocery list. Nothing but candy and tampons.

21. The sink. Hot facet. Cold facet. You just don't understand unless you have been through it.

22. The shower(s). Which one today will give me warmth? How will I get clean, because I can't move.

23. The kitchen. huh it's possible to lose your appetite in a kitchen.

24. Not having a key one time when I came to Hannah's apartment. After ringing the door bell someone answered but I couldn't find him. Being me, I looked up instead of around the building. I don't know exactly what I was expecting by looking up. I felt like a retard. Who knew that door was there?

25. And for my Study abroad girls...... THE WHISTLES. lol. oh how I miss the whistles and honks.

I wish I could go into detail about all my time there. Because I loved every minute of it. I love being away from home and seeing new things and having new adventures. Not only that I got to hang out with Hannah a lot. Although she mostly made fun of me and took pictures of me being an embarrassment, I still like her ;). So instead of boring you with most of my stories I am going to post a bunch a pictures. England is beautiful.

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